AI and Robotics Lab for Schools

Embark on a journey of discovery with NaivoTech, where knowledge thrives. Our avant-garde AI and Robotics education encompasses a meticulously crafted curriculum, interactive robots, engaging hands-on projects, and practical real-life applications. Experience the transformative power of education as NaivoTech pioneers an innovative approach, making learning a dynamic and immersive adventure in the realms of AI and Robotics. Elevate your understanding and skills with NaivoTech, the ultimate hub for cutting-edge technological education.


NaivoTech provides complete physical infrastructure and support for the Innovation labs (set-up & operations). Innovation labs provide a holistic environment for young minds to achieve skills such as -Design Mindset, Computational Thinking, and Adaptive Learning. 

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INNOVATION LAB (STEM and ROBOTICS) Consists of given Clubs

Design-Thinking Club (Design Space )

For brainstorming and collaboration where students are inspired to think and work like professional designers, responding to real world design briefs. The Design-Thinking Club, aka Design Space, fosters innovation through collaborative problem-solving, emphasizing empathy-driven solutions and honing critical design skills among members.

3D Modelling Club (Fab Lab)

Includes tools for 21st century fabrication. System equipped with 3D imaging software and connected to a 3D Printer to print the real life objects. The 3D Modeling Club, also known as the Fab Lab, is a creative hub where members delve into digital design and fabrication. Through hands-on learning and collaboration, participants develop skills in 3D modeling and printing, unleashing their creativity and innovation in the world of fabrication and design.

Robotics Club (Maker Space)

Kids will have access to a range of hand tools and equipments for the emerging technologies such as robotics, IoT, and Automation. The Robotic Club, or Maker Space, offers hands-on robotics exploration, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills among members through collaborative project work.

STEM Lab (Tinker Space)

Is dedicated to project work for students across all disciplines, where they’ll have access to tools and resources that support learning in Technology, mathematics, science, the humanities and arts. The STEM Lab, or Tinker Space, offers hands-on exploration and innovation, integrating STEM principles into real-world challenges to foster creativity and critical thinking among participants.

Coding and AI Club

Kids learns coding (app, games, animation and web) and AI skills through hands-on activities, projects, and regular sessions. The Coding and AI Club for Kids wraps up sessions with a 5-10 minute observation and discussion period. Here, children share how they applied math and science concepts in their projects, strengthening their understanding of STEM principles and real-world application. This reflective exchange fosters deeper engagement and appreciation for coding, AI, and their underlying foundations.



In our AR/VR Lab, we’ve curated an environment where imagination knows no bounds. From interactive educational content to groundbreaking simulations, our lab is designed to push the boundaries of traditional learning methods. Whether you’re a student exploring new dimensions or a professional honing your skills, our AR/VR Lab offers a dynamic platform to explore, create, and innovate.

Cutting-Edge Hardware:

Our lab is equipped with the latest AR and VR hardware, ensuring a seamless and realistic experience. From high-quality headsets to responsive controllers, every element is meticulously selected to enhance user engagement. “Cutting-edge hardware” refers to the latest and most advanced technology in physical devices or equipment, characterized by superior performance, innovative features, and state-of-the-art design.

Dedicated Learning Spaces:

Our carefully designed physical environment complements the virtual experiences, creating a holistic and conducive atmosphere for exploration. “Dedicated Learning Spaces” are specifically designed environments tailored to support focused and effective learning experiences. These spaces are equipped with resources and tools conducive to various educational activities, fostering engagement, collaboration, and skill development among learners.

Customized Curriculum:

Tailored for various educational levels and professional development, our curriculum is designed to align with industry standards and promote skill acquisition. “Customized Curriculum” refers to educational content and instructional plans tailored to meet the unique needs, interests, and learning styles of students. This approach allows educators to adapt teaching materials, methods, and assessments to address individual or group learning objectives effectively.

NexGen Nexus: A Pioneering Holistic Innovation Ecosystem

NaivoTech’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics Lab for schools offers a comprehensive package designed to deliver all-encompassing solutions. It includes DIY Robotics kits, Coding Software, Grade-wise certified curriculum aligned with CBSE Subject Code 417, 843, and ICSE Subject Code 66, Teaching Resources, and a robust Learning Management System. This holistic approach ensures the delivery of top-notch coding, AI, and robotics education, emphasizing hands-on learning. NaivoTech’s commitment is to provide a complete educational ecosystem that empowers students with the best tools and resources for a transformative learning experience.

NaivoTech's Path to Innovation

Embark on a thrilling odyssey of innovation with NaivoTech. Our dynamic team spearheads groundbreaking technologies and collaborates with clients to turn visions into reality. Discover a world where state-of-the-art facilities foster creativity, and employee growth is paramount. Join us in shaping the future — NaivoTech, where innovation knows no bounds.

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What is the approach of NaivoTech's Innovation Lab ?

Naivotech’s teaching methodology follows a succinct 4-step process: distributing Challenge Cards to groups, exploring problem contexts, applying Computational and Design Thinking for solutions, and presenting refined solutions for peer feedback. This approach cultivates proactive problem-solving skills, preparing students to tackle real-world challenges with confidence and creativity.

At Naivotech, the session wraps up with a brief 5-10 minute observation and discussion period. Here, students have the opportunity to articulate how mathematical and scientific concepts were integrated into their creations, fostering deeper understanding and connection between theory and application. This reflective dialogue strengthens their grasp of STEM principles and encourages them to appreciate the real-world relevance of their projects.