ERH India 2 Pcs Pvc Acrylic Robotic Chassis For Arduino Car, Electronic Projects, Diy Projects Educational Projects Autonomous Car etc.


  • Robotic car chassis size : Length-210mm, Inner Breadth-110mm, Outer Breadth-150mm, Thikness-3mm.
  • Robotic chassis for Arduino cars provide a structural base for building robots and automation projects.
  • Robotic chassis for Arduino cars can be equipped with sensors, actuators, and control systems to enable specific functionalities.
  • Robotic chassis for Arduino cars can be designed with different wheel configurations, such as two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or tracked systems.
  • These Robotic Chessis provide a low-cost and accessible platform for robotics and automation projects, making them ideal for educational and DIY projects.

Title: RoboDrive Pro: Arduino Car Chassis Kit for Robotic Projects

Product Description:

Unleash your creativity and embark on exciting robotic adventures with the RoboDrive Pro Arduino Car Chassis Kit. This versatile chassis kit provides a sturdy foundation for building your own programmable robot car using Arduino. Ideal for hobbyists, makers, and students, the RoboDrive Pro is designed to inspire innovation and hands-on learning in the world of robotics.

Key Features:

1. Durable Construction:

  • The chassis is built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and stability for your robotic projects.

2. Versatile Design:

  • The versatile design allows for easy customization and expansion, making it suitable for various applications and projects.

3. Arduino Compatibility:

  • Designed to seamlessly integrate with Arduino boards, providing a user-friendly platform for programming and controlling your robot car.

4. Motorized Wheels:

  • Equipped with motorized wheels for precise and controlled movement, allowing your robot car to navigate different terrains smoothly.

5. Expandable Platform:

  • The chassis provides ample space and mounting points for adding sensors, cameras, and other components, enabling endless possibilities for customization.

6. Easy Assembly:

  • The kit includes all necessary components and step-by-step instructions for easy assembly, making it suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

7. Compatibility with Various Sensors:

  • Integrated slots and spaces for adding sensors such as ultrasonic, infrared, or line-following sensors, enhancing the functionality of your robot car.

8. Educational Resource:

  • Ideal for educational purposes, allowing students to learn about robotics, programming, and electronics in a hands-on and engaging way.

9. Battery Compartment:

  • Features a dedicated battery compartment to power your robot car efficiently.

10. Wireless Connectivity:

  • Easily integrate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi modules for wireless control and communication with your robot car.

Ideal for:

  • STEM Education: Perfect for students and educators teaching STEM subjects, providing a practical platform for learning programming and robotics.
  • Hobbyist Projects: Ideal for hobbyists and enthusiasts looking to explore the world of robotics and create their own customized robot car.
  • Prototyping: A versatile platform for prototyping and testing robotic concepts and ideas.
  • DIY Robotics Enthusiasts: Suitable for individuals passionate about creating their own robotic projects and experimenting with different functionalities.

Package Includes:

  • RoboDrive Pro Chassis Frame
  • Motorized Wheels and Motors
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Assembly Guide
  • Compatibility with Arduino (Arduino board not included)

Transform your ideas into motion with the RoboDrive Pro Arduino Car Chassis


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