How Top Schools are Transforming Learning with NaivoTech

At NaivoTech, we’re on a mission to empower the next generation of problemsolvers and critical thinkers. Through our cutting-edge Innovation Labs, we’re
proud to partner with forward-thinking schools that share our commitment to
educational excellence.
Today, we’re excited to spotlight five of our top school partners and the incredible
results they’ve achieved by integrating NaivoTech’s immersive learning
experiences into their curriculum.



Sharda World School, Agra

Case Study: Cultivating a Culture of Innovation and Competition Success

At Sharda World School in Agra, the NaivoTech Innovation Lab has sparked a
passion for problem-solving and creative thinking among students. By exposing
learners to the latest advancements in robotics, 3D printing, and virtual reality, the
lab has empowered them to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges.
The results have been truly remarkable, with Sharda World School students
winning prestigious regional and national competitions for their cutting-edge



Sheiling House School, Kanpur

Case Study: Igniting STEAM-Powered Learning and Collaborative Problem-Solving

Sheiling House School in Kanpur has embraced the NaivoTech Innovation Lab as a
hub of creativity and cross-disciplinary collaboration. The lab’s emphasis on
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) has sparked
students’ curiosity, enabling them to tackle complex problems through design
thinking, coding, and hands-on experimentation. The collaborative nature of the
lab has fostered a generation of adaptable, innovative problem-solvers, ready to
shape the future.



Lucknow International Public School

Case Study: Transforming Education with Cutting-Edge Technology and StudentDriven Innovation

Lucknow International Public School has taken a bold step in revolutionizing their
approach to learning by integrating the NaivoTech Innovation Lab into their
campus. This dynamic space has given students unparalleled access to the latest
advancements in technology, empowering them to explore their passions and
actively shape the future of their community and the world.



Greenfields School

Case Study: Cultivating Cross-Curricular Learning and Interdisciplinary

At Greenfields School, the NaivoTech Innovation Lab has become a catalyst for
interdisciplinary collaboration and project-based learning. Students from all grade
levels are immersed in challenges that blend STEM concepts with real-world
applications, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them. The lab’s
versatile design and adaptable curriculum have enabled educators to tailor the
learning experiences to the unique needs and interests of their students.



IRIS Crown School, Lucknow

Case Study: Redefining the Boundaries of Learning with State-of-the-Art

IRIS Crown School in Lucknow has elevated the role of technology in education
through its partnership with NaivoTech. The state-of-the-art Innovation Lab on
their campus has transformed students from passive consumers of information to
active shapers of knowledge, using cutting-edge tools to design, prototype, and
bring their ideas to life.



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