Robotics and Automation for Kids



Welcome to Robotics and Automation for Kids, powered by NaivoTech! This exciting program introduces young minds to robotics and automation through hands-on projects and interactive lessons. Children will learn coding, electronics, and engineering basics while building and programming their own robots. Guided by experienced mentors, they’ll develop problem-solving skills and explore the fascinating world of automation. Join us for a fun, educational journey that inspires creativity and prepares kids for a future in technology!




Automation Exploration









Creative Problem-Solving Challenges

     Through team-based activities and real-world scenarios, children will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.






Electronics and Engineering Basics

Participants will explore the fundamental concepts of electronics and engineering, understanding how circuits and components work together.





Interactive Coding Lessons

Kids will learn to code in a fun and engaging way, programming their robots to perform various tasks and challenges.








Hands-On Robot Building

Children will dive into the basics of robotics by constructing their own robots using easy-to-follow instructions and guidance from experienced mentors.



Showcase and Recognition

At the end of the camp, kids will present their projects to family and friends, earning certificates and recognition for their achievements.


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