Robocraze HC05 Bluetooth Transceiver Module with TTL Outputs


Brand Robocraze
Hardware Interface Bluetooth
Colour Blue
Compatible Devices Desktop
Product Dimensions 5L x 5W x 5H Centimeters
Item Weight 50 Grams

About this item

  • The HC05 bluetooth module is used as UART serial converter module and can easily transfer the UART data through the wireless bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth module has a Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band, PIO control and comes with an integrated antenna and edge connector.
  • The HC-05 bluetooth module can be used in master or slave configuration.
  • Package Content: 1 x HC05 Bluetooth Transceiver Module
  • You can use it simply for a serial port replacement to establish connection between MCU and GPS, piece to your embedded project and etc.

Title: ConnectEase BT Pro: Bluetooth Module for Seamless Wireless Connectivity

Product Description:

Upgrade your electronic projects with the ConnectEase BT Pro, a high-performance Bluetooth module designed to provide seamless and reliable wireless connectivity. Whether you’re working on IoT projects, robotics, or home automation, the ConnectEase BT Pro offers a versatile solution for enabling Bluetooth communication in your devices.

Key Features:

1. Bluetooth 5.0 Technology:

  • Benefit from the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, offering improved range, speed, and stability for wireless communication.

2. Versatile Connectivity:

  • The ConnectEase BT Pro is compatible with a wide range of devices, allowing for seamless communication with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

3. Easy Integration:

  • The module is designed for easy integration into your projects, providing a hassle-free solution for adding Bluetooth connectivity without complex wiring.

4. UART Interface:

  • Utilize the UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) interface for straightforward communication between the module and your microcontroller or other devices.

5. Low Energy Consumption:

  • Benefit from low energy consumption, making the ConnectEase BT Pro suitable for battery-powered devices and energy-efficient applications.

6. Extended Range:

  • Enjoy an extended communication range, ensuring reliable connections even in larger spaces or when devices are placed farther apart.

7. Secure Communication:

  • The module supports secure communication protocols, ensuring the privacy and integrity of data transmitted over the Bluetooth connection.

8. AT Command Set:

  • Control and configure the Bluetooth module using a convenient AT command set, simplifying the setup process and customization of communication parameters.

9. Compact and Lightweight Design:

  • The compact and lightweight design of the ConnectEase BT Pro makes it suitable for space-constrained projects and portable devices.

10. Ideal for IoT and Smart Devices:

  • Perfect for IoT applications, smart home devices, and other projects where wireless connectivity is essential for remote control and data exchange.

Ideal for:

  • Home Automation: Integrate Bluetooth connectivity into smart home devices for remote control and monitoring.
  • IoT Projects: Enable wireless communication in Internet of Things (IoT) projects for data exchange and connectivity.
  • Robotics: Implement Bluetooth communication in robotics projects for wireless control and data transmission.
  • DIY Electronics: Versatile for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts working on custom electronics projects that require Bluetooth connectivity.

Package Includes:

  • ConnectEase BT Pro Bluetooth Module
  • Antenna (if applicable)
  • User Manual

Enhance your projects with seamless wireless connectivity using the ConnectEase BT Pro Bluetooth Module. Order now and experience the convenience of Bluetooth communication in your electronic endeavors!


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